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  • Calorie Counter
  • AI Therapist
  • Speech Creator
  • Photo Captioner
  • Cocktail Creator
  • AI Zodiac Chat
  • Plant Assistant
  • Stories Creator
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The SwiftUI boilerplate to create AI wrappers or any iOS app FAST ⚡️

$349Pay once. Build unlimited apps.
40 makers are Wrapping Fast 🌯⚡️
Product Overview

❌ Sorry, but 90% of your products will fail

✅ Launch more apps and faster without writing repetitive boilerplate code

Authentication, Onboarding, In-App Purchases, Paywalls, Securing API Key in backend, Cloud Database, Analytics, Settings, Collect User Feedback...

  • Don’t marry your startup idea. Out of the 20+ startups I launched, only 1 made good money and grew. It’s the same pattern for most solopreneurs who made life-changing money.

    Marc Lou

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  • You may need to try shipping 10 to 30 products before you have anything that works. I don't know anybody who shipped one product and instantly became successful.

    Pieter Levels

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  • You build 10 products 9 products will fail 1 product will change your life 💪

    Tony Dinh

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let launchTime = "Today"

All you need to launch fast andget profitable

Onboarding process, login users and process payments. Integrate AI securely in your apps without exposing your API Key and get hacked. WrapFast provides you with the boilerplate code you need to launch, FAST.


  • Multiple Pages
  • Single Page
  • Request Review
  • Integrated in Paywall and Signup Flow
  • Time saved: 4 hours

Hello there, it's Juanjo! 👋

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After 6 years as a software developer in a 9 to 5 job, I quit to go full time indie hacking.

Every time I started a new project, I was using the same stuff and copy-pasting the same things here and there.

That's why I gathered and organized all my code, to create a system for launching apps:

The WrapFast Boilerplate

Now I save time, gain health and launch apps faster.

🚀 I launched this app in 2 days
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Add superpowers to your apps with theAI Backend

  • Leverage the power of Vision analyzing images.
  • Creating chatbots has never been so easy. Choose the model to use—it's fully configurable.
  • Build products that generate custom images like magic.
  • Backend included to secure HTTP requests to OpenAI API, preventing hacking and the loss of thousands of dollars.
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Apps made with WrapFast

Check these apps live on the App Store made with the boilerplate

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  • PhotoCaption AI's logo
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  • WrapFast Calorie Counter's logo
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"I've found the code super helpful as a beginner, and the documentation is fantastic!"

"The boilerplate is tremendous. It has just kick-started my book recommendations app with AI."


Save hours of repetitive code and ship faster!

$100 OFF for the first 50 customers.

WrapFast iOS

Perfect if you don't need backend




  • Authentication Flow
  • In-App Purchases & Paywalls
  • Monetization Strategy
  • User Onboarding
  • Firestore Cloud Database
  • Firebase Analytics & Tracking Events
  • AI Proxy integration: secure API key without a backend.
  • Settings
  • UI Components
  • 12 Languages, Dark Mode, Custom Fonts & Colors, Feature Requests, Crashlytics and more...
  • Lifetime Updates
    Updated May 23rd

Pay once. Build unlimited apps!


WrapFast Full Boilerplate

iOS Project + AI Backend




  • All of the iOS Boilerplate
  • Node.js backend with OpenAI endpoints
  • ChatGPT
  • Vision
  • DALL·E
  • API Key secured
  • You will learn how to ship a REAL app through the practical example of a Calorie and Macronutrient Tracker
  • Lifetime Updates
    Updated May 23rd
  • Discord icon

    Access to our private community on Discord.

    Better and quicker support, share your journey with other makers, discuss technical topics and help each other grow.

Pay once. Build unlimited apps!

I will develop it for you

One-Feature MVP using WrapFast



  • Full Access to WrapFast Boilerplate
  • iOS MVP Development Service
  • All Boilerplate configurations: Onboarding, Payments, Authentication, Cloud Database etc...
  • 1 Core Feature. Examples: Calorie Counter, Stories Creator, Photo Captioner, Images Generator
  • Up to 3 changes
  • Asynchronous communication
  • Delivery Time
    1 Week

Have a question? Contact me on Twitter or by Email.

"Hi Juanjo, just purchased your Wrapfast Boilerplate and wanted to tell you that your Documentation is SO great and detailed – really appreciate it, thanks."


Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Contact me on Twitter or by Email.

  • 1/ An Xcode project containing the SwiftUI starter with all the boilerplate code you need to launch a profitable iOS app: monetization, AI integration, cloud database, authentication, UI components, and much more.

    2/ A Node.js backend to secure your OpenAI API Key and endpoints to make requests to ChatGPT, DALL·E and Vision APIs

    3/ Documentation and Step-by-Step tutorials to help you set up your app and backend from scratch, configure authentication, In-App Purchases, tips to avoid App Store rejections and more.
    Discord icon

    Access to our private community on Discord.

    Better and quicker support, share your journey with other makers, discuss technical topics and help each other grow.

  • The project is coded in SwiftUI, using the design pattern MVVM and minimum iOS version 16.4

  • Even you can create any iOS app with it, WrapFast is the only boilerplate that allows you to setup an AI wrapper, in minutes: a REAL product ready to monetize and ship.

    The process is guided through a step-by-step documentation that is updated regularly.

    You can ship startups every week and make money from it — one of them may transform your life.

    There are already 40 makers creating iOS apps FAST ⚡️

  • Yes, as long as you have basic notions of programming.
    The included documentation and tutorials will guide you step by step.

    If you come from web development, this is a good starting point for your iOS journey.
    I did the same in the opposite direction to code this website :)
  • I am an indie iOS developer, grinding all day. I will regularly keep adding components and features that I use on a daily basis.

    You can find me building in public on Twitter followed by more than 3.2k 😉
    Updated May 23rd
  • WrapFast launches with three endpoints to the main AIs in the market: ChatGPT, Vision and DALL·E, sharing the same OpenAI API Key.
    Sora endpoint will be added as soon as they launch it.

    I have plans to add integrations of Gemini, Anthropic and more.

    I'm open to requests, please email me if you miss features.
  • After you've got access to the GitHub repositories, WrapFast is yours forever, so it can't be refunded.

    The boilerplate includes documentation and Step-by-Step tutorials.

    You can contact me for quick support if you have questions during your journey.
  • Yes! You can.

    Send over the USD equivalent of the plan you want to purchase to my PayPal account:

    Once done, please email me your GitHub username so I can give you access to the repositories.

    I'm not running away with your money, you can find me building in public on Twitter followed by more than 3.2k 😉
  • Yes! Pick the plan of MVP Development Service and I will build an iOS app for you using the WrapFast boilerplate.

    I will code a 1-Core-Feature MVP.

    After your purchase, email me to request what feature do you need to your app.

    Examples of Core Feature: a calorie counter from photos, a wedding speech generator, an AI Zodiac Chat, suggest recipes from photos, bedtime stories creator, voice notes to text, etc...
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Build your app, launch, earn

The best time to build an AI Wrapper was yesterday.
The second best time is today.